Science should be scratched off, #ScienceMustFall.

Outrageous! A fallist is someone who would concur with the sentiment #ScienceMustFall.

Student says science must fall, then proceeds to pull out a tablet to refer to.


“Science as a whole is a product of western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off. Especially in Africa‚” she says.

She gives an example of why science is useless anyway:

“I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab’uyalingana. They believe that through the magic‚ you call it black magic‚ they call it witchcraft‚ you are able to send lightening to strike someone. Can you explain that scientifically because it’s something that happens?”

Sure it happens. If you ask for evidence, you’re a racist.

The fallist continues:

“Decolonising the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it.”