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About us

Who we are

Glitch hackers working to expose the programmers and language of the universe.  Break free of the shackles of a predestined fate or a random game theory of pixels bumping into each other. Demanding answers to why and who doing this.

There is a risk to this and forces working against us.  We have found reality anchors that help thwart the shift effects.  We have more work to do and avoid fate rendering events that negate our plans.  Code correction that is in opposition to our glitch tech is always changing and we document and track these effects.

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glitch in matrix
glitch simulation


observemachine v3 About us

Glitch Hacking Reality for 30 Years.

Working with new and old technology to exploit glitches in the reality simulation and holographic universe. Breaking the code to expose cracks in the coding and bring about a shift in reality.

Glitch the matrix

meter to detect glitches in the matrix