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Swinging Pineapples Bracelet


Swinging Pineapples Bracelet

Expiry Date: 02/08/2022

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Swinging Pineapples Bracelet

Swinging Pineapples Bracelet

Wow you will get some attention with this discrete and somewhat obvious Swinging Pineapples Bracelet  to others bracelet.  Wear it to a neighborhood function, and see who ask about it. Or on a trip to hedonism, or desire Cancun and find out who shares this common interest with you.  Most people wont bat an eye at it, others will bat all their eyes and ask you about it.  Two swinging pineapples on a swing on a bracelet and its not expensive and would make a great lifestyle gift for friends.  If you have a need for one of these we at say go ahead and buy it or buy a few and give them away as gifts.  We would appreciate your patronage certainly, but the investment to you in this would probably be something way more cooler.  Husbands buy these for your clueless wife, or a wife with a clue and see how it turns out.  Its cute, discrete and will get you attention from people you want attention from.  Plausible deniability also exist when you are like uh what this means that!? wow, thanks for telling us that.Will Swing If Pushed Swinging

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